Elect Bill Quirk to the 20th Assembly District Seat

This was Bill Quirk's campaign site for his ultimately success bid for the 20th Assembly District Seat in California.

Dear friends,

I want California to prosper. That means; good jobs, reliable energy, dependable transportation options, affordable healthcare, safe cities and good schools.

Since 1978, I have worked to make my community a better place for my family and neighbors. From my work with the Hayward libraries to Hayward City Council, I’ve put community first. I’ve fought to increase school funding and balance Hayward’s city budget while keeping police on the streets and fire stations open. I worked to stimulate job creation by promoting small business and reducing and streamlining regulations.

After you elected me to the California legislature, I’ve been working to streamline business permitting, increase safety for our children and put California on the right track when it comes to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

Much more work needs to be done and the time is now. Are you with me?

Bill Quirk




About Bill Quirk

As the oldest of seven children growing up near Boston, Bill started taking responsibility at an early age. Bill excelled in school and became an Eagle Scout.

After earning his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Columbia at the age of 24, Bill joined NASA as a research scientist and supervised one of the first studies of climate change: the Goddard Institute Climate Model.

From there, Bill worked in the computer industry in Silicon Valley before settling into a career at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), where he established himself in the fields of atmospheric science and nuclear testing. Bill studied nuclear programs in numerous foreign countries. Bill prepared reports for the Presidential Daily Brief and played a key role in the negotiations for the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Teaching physics at Columbia, Caltech and UC Davis helped Bill formulate his lifelong interest in education.

Currently serving his second elected term on the Hayward City Council, Bill has a strong record of public service, beginning with his tenure as PTA president while his children attended Hayward public schools. Since moving to Hayward in 1978, Bill served the community as President of Hayward Friends of the Library and Chair, Hayward Library Commission. He is a Member of Hayward Rotary, Hayward Area Historical Society, and is on the Board of Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency, and the Hayward Area Shoreline Planning Agency.

Bill won a seat on the Hayward City Council in 2004 and retired from the LLNL in 2005. While on the city council, Bill has been dedicated to revitalizing Hayward through promoting jobs and safe and clean neighborhoods. He’s worked with the Mayor and colleagues to:

  • Prioritize neighborhood safety and cleanliness with a well-staffed police department and effective graffiti and litter abatement programs
  • Revitalize downtown by attracting a movie theatre and improving traffic on the Mission-Foothill corridor
  • Redevelop the Burbank area, including construction of a new neighborhood school and expanded park
  • Adopt a Climate Action Plan
  • Create jobs and housing at the South Hayward BART and support sustainable growth
  • Improve services to the neighborhoods
  • Reduce new home building fees and prevent new fees on the sale of homes
  • Develop a plan to respond to sea level rise by building up Hayward’s marshes
  • Involve residents, land owners, and developers earlier in the planning process

Bill has been a union member for 30 years and has served on the board of CWA local 9119, which has over 10,000 members at all the University of California Campuses.

Bill and his wife Laurel moved to the Hayward area in 1978 and have been married for 40 years. They raised two children who attended California public schools and the UC system.